Nisvara - In Ancient Sanskrit means: Without Sound
In modern use: Breathless

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Corporate History

While Nisvara was incorporated in California in November 2002, the founding team came together earlier, in April 2002, to tackle a problem that was a personal annoyance: High-end PCs are far too loud and fans fail too often.

Combining their experience in systems development, technology solutions management, and ingenious systems solutions, the team broke this problem into its component issues. Taking a system-level perspective, one by one the issues were tackled, including silencing an off-the-shelf hard drive and eliminating all fans from inside a high-performance computer system. This led to patent-pending inventions in system heat extraction solutions and systems design, the heart of Nisvara's patent pending intellectual property. These integrate with advanced materials and innovative designs into what turns out to be elegant solutions to one of the most important and difficult problems facing the computer industry at large: extracting the heat produced within a computer system.

With experimental zeal, solid engineering and mathematical simulations, world-class prototyping and materials science expertise, sophisticated computer design capabilities, and resourceful test-bench expertise, Nisvara has developed several proof-of-concept system heat extraction demonstration units. This work includes development of a family of devices based on advanced functional materials, enabling Nisvara systems that can handle upcoming computer industry heat loads.

Nisvara's vision is to become the de facto computer industry standard for computer heat extraction. HEAT is the computer industry's greatest pain point today and for the foreseeable future.

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